newyear, newme

Hello kittens!

It’s 2015 and a new year!
This year I have decided will be my best year yet, the past year or so has been a bit of blank space for me. I lost a lot of friends and chose not to take care of myself and started to hate every aspect of myself that I used to love. I think everyone goes through those moments of darkness that seem to never end, but it will and it does. I won’t go too much into detail in that aspect of things because it’s boring and frankly not fun.
Everyone always starts a resolutions list and has a hard time accomplishing them but I think this blog will keep me accountable and I think if I look at it as everyday short term goals then they might stick a bit better. Who knows!

But this year I want to try a bunch of new things a learn and expand my knowledge in knitting and cooking and baking and take better care of myself and work on being healthier and happier.
So from this blog you can expect reviews on products that I try out, classes I go to, things I make or bake, anything I feel like sharing. You will soon find out how obsessed I can become with things.

I guess I should introduce myself. Or do people not do that?

Let me know some of the things you guys wanna accomplish this year or what you are proud of in 2014!



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