three day weekend: movies and tea

Hello kittens,

IT’S A THREE DAY WEEKEND! (for most of us in the united states)
and for the most part I have been trying to relax and just enjoy the last bit of “holiday” before school and work make my life crazy. So I have been watching movies and youtube and just rolling around in bed and hanging with my boyfriend. I have also been trying to fight an oncoming cold so I have had crazy amounts of tea and tylenol. Hopefully it won’t catch.

First movie I watched today was Event Horizon, which is a bit of an “old” film, since it isn’t a recent release. It is about humans who live in space, set in the future, and they go to rescue a ship called ‘Event Horizon’. Of course, the plot makes it seem like a typical horror flick and I was expecting the special effects to be tacky and the acting over the top since this movie is classified as a sci-fi thriller/horror film. I gasped a few times throughout the film and even screamed once. There are a lot of jumpy parts, mainly due to music and the special effects weren’t half bad. The gore wasn’t too overwhelming and the acting was alright. I love love love horror movies, mostly Japanese ones make the top 5 for me, but considering that this movie came out in 1997(!) it was enjoyable to watch and I was surprised a few times. So for me it was pretty good. I would give this a watch if you haven’t already if you like sci-fi movies that are suspenseful and surprising.

Second movie is Despicable Me 2 (2013)! Obviously I am super behind on the times but I was saving this movie for when I wanted a pick me up. It’s just a super cute movie and makes you feel like a kid inside. The minions are cute and funny and I loved that Kristen Wiig was the voice of Lucy and I personally think she’s funny. This is one of those movies you can watch with kids or completely on your own and enjoy 100%.

Third movie is Percy Jackson and the Sea of Monsters. I had read the book and did not like how they introduced new characters and they had changed a lot of the plot to fit into the shortened movie version. A lot of scenes seemed rushed and choppy and I was expecting Tyson to be more of the book version of innocent, awkward, sweet and gigantic & I was expecting Clarrise to be not so pretty and Luke to be more handsome. I was disappointed but it wasn’t a terribly horrible movie. But nothing beats good old imagination kiddos!

What did you guys do this weekend? Watch anything interesting?



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