new recipes, job and make up!

Hey Kittens,

This monday was Martin Luther King Day in the United States, most people had off from work and kids had the day off from school. So I spent the day mostly in bed, sleeping and cooking (well what I consider cooking).
For lunch I made Avocado Egg Salad which is a healthier alternative to regular egg salad. I mashed up a ripe avocado instead of using mayonnaise and added a bit of vinegar and mustard to add a kick. For two whole eggs I used one ripe avocado and that was for two servings. And I either put it on a piece of toast or make a sandwich with some siracha.
For dinner I was a teeny tiny bit more adventurous and made Bulgogi Beef Strogonoff. I already had the marinated beef and just wanted to try a different dish and see what would come of it. It was very sweet and savory. Definitely not for everyone and if you don’t like foods that taste a bit different then the ‘traditional’ version then I would not recommend it. When it comes to cooking I kind of ‘wing it’ and hope for the best and thankfully this turned out delicious. Everyone loved it and I had leftovers today. I was a bit heavy on the onions because I don’t eat mushrooms and beef strogonoff is pretty easy considering what makes it tastes like strogonoff is the sour cream/flour that’s added at the end.
{Wish I had taken pictures for you guys but I don’t think the poor kitchen lightening and iPhone quality photos would have done them justice}

Today I started at a new job working with special needs children {I won’t go too into this} but it was a very tiring but short work day.
I met my friend for some lunch and we exchanged Xmas gifts and I kinda went mental in Target. First off let me say how much I love and adore Target because I never leave empty-handed, however that being said for the very same reasons, I hate target! I ended up buying a bunch of foods stuff {yogurt, tarte cherry juice, cheese} for the next week for myself and my sister and I bought some toiletries {toothpaste and wet wipes} and I bought a bunch of make up stuff!
The best part of the day was the gifts! {that sounds awful? well yeah who doesn’t like awesome gifts? NOONE} My friend bought me Kiki’s Delivery Service Artbook which is just beautiful and makes my inside scream and she bought me a movie Wolf Children.

I feel so happy right now, broke but happy! ^^

Kiki's Delivery Service Artbook and Wolf Children!
Kiki’s Delivery Service Artbook and Wolf Children!

How did you guys spend your day off? Or what new recipes have you guys tried? Did they turn out amazing and hilarious failures?



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