Review: L’Oreal EverCreme Conditioning Cleanser

Hey Kittens,


Today I wanted to write a review on the  L’Oreal EverCreme Conditioning Cleanser. I recently learned about cleansing conditioners and how it is suppose to be amazing for thick hair so I decided that I needed to give it a try. Even my boyfriend was saying that this might be the miracle hair product I have been praying for. I have very thick medium length hair but it is not straight but not curly either, more close to frizzy and poofy{?} and I tend to get a bit oily after a day or so but this winter with the constant hot and cold my scalp has been a bit dry.

So before I give you my thoughts on the product let me give you a few details. The 8.5oz bottle is very slim and small and runs around $6 bucks. I picked mine up at my drugstore for $8. It has a pump which is nice because I hate fiddling with a cap in the shower however one of the cons about the pump is that is pumps so little product, by little I mean the same amount as my facial moisturizer pump. Also I must add that there are very little details on how to use it, it didn’t seem complicated so without looking into it I just started using it.
Cleansing conditioner is like a glorified 2 in 1 shampoo/conditioner duo but from what I  have read on it, it has a ratio being one part shampoo and two parts conditioner.It smells very strong like coconut or vanilla bean, a sweet smell, so if you don’t like products like that then this will probably not be for you.
I was hoping that this product would be nourishing to my scalp and make my hair soft and luxurious.

Attempt 1: It comes out as a thick cream and I thought since it is a cleansing conditioner then I would just apply like regular conditioner. This was not a good idea. My hair felt clean and I rinsed my hair several times to ensure I got all the product out and I did notice during the rinse that the product does get soapy when mixed with water. The problem was when my hair dried [ I let it air dry] and I felt that my hair was very dry at the ends and greasy at the roots and I just blamed it on not rinsing it thoroughly enough.
Attempt 2: I thought that since my roots were feeling greasy and my ends dry I would wash my hair with the product at the roots first then rinse it out and then do the ends and then rinse that way my roots would get thoroughly rinsed by the end of the shower. This too was a failure, my hair felt the same.
Between attempt 1 and 2 and 3 I did rinse my hair in the shower with just water or used dry shampoo in hopes to relieve the greasiness that I felt but the relief was brief.
So I did some online research and read some reviews so for my third and final attempt: I pumped the product into my hands and rubbed my hands vigorously until the product went from creamy yellow to white then rubbed it into my roots {this was time consuming because the product does not get sudsy}. Rinsed. Then rubbed the product to the bottom half of my hair and left it in for a few mins. Rinsed again. Then before stepping out of the shower I rinsed my hair once again.

Surprise surprise. STILL GREASY!

So after using this product for over two weeks I can confidently say that I do not like this product and I would probably not recommend it to people who have similar hair type as me. If you tend to have oily hair then this conditioner is probably not for you. It doesn’t condition well enough and there is like this thick residue that builds up in the scalp and roots if you use this product back to back. My hair does not look bad or look greasy but from feel alone it was very obvious and I felt self conscience the times I had my hair down but it did solve my dry scalp problem. If you have drier hair and tend not to get too oily then this is probably what you’re looking for. You get very little product for the price and the time spent in the shower to use it makes it a product I won’t be repurchasing.

If you have used this product leave more your thoughts or recommend me something else to try!
note: picture provided came from the internet, not my own picture, and I plan on getting my camera really soon guys so you can have pictures to these reviews and things!



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