eating delicious food!

Hello Kittens,
There’s nothing in the world that makes me happier then delicious food! The past few weeks I have gone to eat so many delicious meals and a few that weren’t so good.

he first meal I am gonna talk about it one I made myself, it’s something I make quite often for myself because it’s fast, easy and filling. It is an avocado egg salad on sandwich thins {which is so good when toasted because it gets a crunchy edge which I love} with pepper jack cheese and siracha. When I make a ‘batch’, it’s enough for about two sandwiches which is great so I can have it for lunch twice. There’s a bit lemon juice, a spoonful spicy yellow mustard, a whole avocado, one hard boiled egg, salt and pepper.

his is also a dish I make a lot for dinner because it’s a once skillet dish so it’s very easy to clean up and its full of veggies and meat so I feel just a tiny bit less guilty. I make it when whatever I usually have on hand. In this skillet, there is penne pasta {which doesn’t need to be cooked separate, theres enough liquids to cook it through}, cherry tomatoes, 80/20 ground beef, carrots, italian seasoning, sweet corn, a can of diced tomatoes, half of cup of water and cheese!

1450084_10203530612530936_8362455378485788726_n      10978547_10203548024566226_8968444686422831338_n
hile my cousin was here for a visit we took her out to one of New York’s most well known steakhouses, Peter Luger’s. We went to the Little Neck location, I have been to the Brooklyn location before, because it was easier for us to get to and the service was significantly better then the one in Brooklyn. We got the tomatoes and three pieces of thick cut bacon{$4.50 a piece} to start and for the mail course we got a steak for three {$150}, a steak for one{$50}, a side of creamed spinach {which I think is the best thing there other then the steak & steak sauce} and some german style potatoes. Total was around $300. The steak was tender and juicy and I thought it was worth the money. At the end of the meal they give you these giant chocolate coins, one per person, and they are seriously good too! I made my sister share with me so I could save mine for the next day. This was my sister’s first time at Peter Luger’s and she enjoyed it a lot so I’m glad I got to take her along. I would go back because everything was delicious and the service was great. {Note: I have been there 3x prior to this}

10959485_10203547937244043_7421270768057932048_n      IMG_3198
his is crab meat fried rice from this place in Queens, called Plant Love House. I had seen a few of my friends go and they had cute desserts so a friend and I went to go check it out. The food came out in a decent portion and I got decent amount of lump crab meat and we got a free drink for checking in on yelp. However I was extremely disappointed with dessert, I ordered bread pudding and what I got was microwaved bread with asian pudding on the side for dipping. Everything was pretty affordable and the service was great but the restaurant itself was freezing and since I was looking forward to  dessert the most I was really let down. I would definitely come again to try their noodles {what they are known for, other then dessert} but I think next time I will just stick to classic chocolate cake.

astly last night for my lovely friend’s birthday dinner we went to this place called Beauty & Essex, right off Delancey, First off the place is beautiful! The front of the restaurant is an actual pawn shop with cute trinkets. The inside has tall ceilings with amazing crystal chandeliers and peacock feathers on the walls and the whole place looks decadent and gorgeous.  The bathroom offered free champagne and it was kinda weird telling people I drank free bathroom champagne but hey, it was free, who am I to argue? We all got drinks, I got rosé and ordered Lobster Jambalaya, which is not pictured because of poor photo quality {they turned down the lights in the middle of dinner}. What is pictured above is grilled cheese dumplings in a tomato soup, which we all shared and I could’ve have three plates of this stuff. However I did not like my Jambalaya, it was too salty and I did not finish it {even though it was expensive}. This is the type of place where the portions are so small that you order everything they offer just to be full or you eat afterwards at a cheap spot to get full {which is exactly what we did!} and we also got mini donuts. Overall the place was nice, the vibe and atmosphere was what you paid for the food was just an after thought really.

Have you guys eaten anywhere recently so good you couldn’t stop talking about it? Or how about a place that disappointed? Or do you guys have a dish that you just keep going back to?
Until next time~


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