three day weekend: movies and tea

Hello kittens,

IT’S A THREE DAY WEEKEND! (for most of us in the united states)
and for the most part I have been trying to relax and just enjoy the last bit of “holiday” before school and work make my life crazy. So I have been watching movies and youtube and just rolling around in bed and hanging with my boyfriend. I have also been trying to fight an oncoming cold so I have had crazy amounts of tea and tylenol. Hopefully it won’t catch.

First movie I watched today was Event Horizon, which is a bit of an “old” film, since it isn’t a recent release. It is about humans who live in space, set in the future, and they go to rescue a ship called ‘Event Horizon’. Of course, the plot makes it seem like a typical horror flick and I was expecting the special effects to be tacky and the acting over the top since this movie is classified as a sci-fi thriller/horror film. I gasped a few times throughout the film and even screamed once. There are a lot of jumpy parts, mainly due to music and the special effects weren’t half bad. The gore wasn’t too overwhelming and the acting was alright. I love love love horror movies, mostly Japanese ones make the top 5 for me, but considering that this movie came out in 1997(!) it was enjoyable to watch and I was surprised a few times. So for me it was pretty good. I would give this a watch if you haven’t already if you like sci-fi movies that are suspenseful and surprising.

Second movie is Despicable Me 2 (2013)! Obviously I am super behind on the times but I was saving this movie for when I wanted a pick me up. It’s just a super cute movie and makes you feel like a kid inside. The minions are cute and funny and I loved that Kristen Wiig was the voice of Lucy and I personally think she’s funny. This is one of those movies you can watch with kids or completely on your own and enjoy 100%.

Third movie is Percy Jackson and the Sea of Monsters. I had read the book and did not like how they introduced new characters and they had changed a lot of the plot to fit into the shortened movie version. A lot of scenes seemed rushed and choppy and I was expecting Tyson to be more of the book version of innocent, awkward, sweet and gigantic & I was expecting Clarrise to be not so pretty and Luke to be more handsome. I was disappointed but it wasn’t a terribly horrible movie. But nothing beats good old imagination kiddos!

What did you guys do this weekend? Watch anything interesting?



regular day.


So today I woke up a bit later then usual so you know I’m rushing around a mad woman. Not that I have anywhere to be.
I had oatmeal with cinnamon and a banana for breakfast with some warm lemon water. Then it’s off to the gym and then meeting a few friends for belated xmas gift exchanges. And I gotta go to my old school and sort out some stuff.
For dinner I am gonna go to a hot pot/shabu shabu buffet! I cant wait it is gonna be so yummy!
Hopefully I’ll get to post some pictures of my day ^^


newyear, newme

Hello kittens!

It’s 2015 and a new year!
This year I have decided will be my best year yet, the past year or so has been a bit of blank space for me. I lost a lot of friends and chose not to take care of myself and started to hate every aspect of myself that I used to love. I think everyone goes through those moments of darkness that seem to never end, but it will and it does. I won’t go too much into detail in that aspect of things because it’s boring and frankly not fun.
Everyone always starts a resolutions list and has a hard time accomplishing them but I think this blog will keep me accountable and I think if I look at it as everyday short term goals then they might stick a bit better. Who knows!

But this year I want to try a bunch of new things a learn and expand my knowledge in knitting and cooking and baking and take better care of myself and work on being healthier and happier.
So from this blog you can expect reviews on products that I try out, classes I go to, things I make or bake, anything I feel like sharing. You will soon find out how obsessed I can become with things.

I guess I should introduce myself. Or do people not do that?

Let me know some of the things you guys wanna accomplish this year or what you are proud of in 2014!